Penyebab Diabetes

Diabetes: African Americans Deadly Penyebab Diabetes Foe

Diabetes is having a devastating affect on the Ebony Penyebab Diabetes community. Diabetes is the fifth leading cause of death in African Americans and their death rates are 27 percent over whites.

Over 2.8 million African Americans have diabetes then one third of which are not aware of they Penyebab Diabetes hold the disease. Moreover, 20 percent of African Americans relating to the ages of 65 – 74 have diabetes and something in four Charcoal women, older than 55, are already identified as having the disease

The cause of diabetes is often a mystery, but researchers believe both genetics and Penyebab Diabetes environmental factors play roles in who will develop the ailment.

Heredity Penyebab Diabetes

Researchers assume that African Americans and African Immigrants are predisposed to Penyebab Diabetes developing diabetes. Research suggests that African Americans and recent African immigrants have inherited a “thrifty gene” using their African ancestors.

This gene can have enabled Africans to work with food energy well during cycles of feast and Penyebab Diabetes famine. Now, with fewer cycles of feast and famine, this gene may make weight loss harder for African Americans and African Immigrants.


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