Cara Mengobati Diabetes

Teas Protection Against Stomach Cara Mengobati Diabetes Cancer

Over the last couple of years, scientists have found compelling evidence that teas Cara Mengobati Diabetes protects the body’s against many serious diseases, including cancer. Although research continues, it would appear that it’s safe to conclude that adding green tea extract to your diet is likely a powerful way to protect your health.

The most serious cancers in our time is stomach Cara Mengobati Diabetes cancer.

Though its incidence has Cara Mengobati Diabetes declined in recent years, it’s still the 2nd most commonly encountered cancer in the world. Also, chronic gastritis the type of problem today, many doctors feel that individuals with chronic gastritis may develop stomach cancer sometime soon.

In Yangzhong, China, researchers from your UCLA School of Public health studied Cara Mengobati Diabetes an overall of 732 patients. 133 of the patients had stomach cancer, 166 had chronic gastritis and 433 were healthy and employed for control purposes.


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